How Conduit helps Conomy bring the future of banking to their customers

Conomy is a Chilean fintech focused on democratizing and simplifying the financial world for everyone, connecting it through a single app.

Conomy’s app aims to combine all cards and wallets into one – a mastercard, fiat Chilean pesos and USDC digital dollars.

Using Conomy rewards you for your balance and helps you achieve your life goals.

Conomy x Conduit Highlights


As a fintech with the goal of delivering the future of banking to their customers, Conomy requires cutting edge products and integrations available in their app. Their market is interested in saving money – especially in less inflationary currencies – spending their money without hassle, and the convenience of a mobile wallet.


As Conomy looked to provide digital dollars and new types of rewards to their customers, finding a single source was challenging. They were hesitant to continue building solutions involving an increasing number of providers, making operations unwieldy. As well, venturing into crypto-backed yield posed potential risks that required time and effort to accurately evaluate.


Conduit’s single API integration provided a platform on which to build wallets for storing and transacting in USDC digital dollars, access to curated sources of DeFi and RWA yield, and a ledger system for an intuitive UI for their customers in-app. 

Conomy’s Challenge

When your goal is to provide access to the future of money, an intuitive, adaptable Web3 integration is crucial.

Conomy’s target audience is Chilean, where inflation has been on the rise in recent years. To help their users safeguard against this trend, Conomy wanted to provide a way to save wealth in US Dollars – which tend to appreciate against the Peso – while keeping their funds accessible.

As they looked to launch new ways for customers to set goals and earn rewards on their balance, they also needed to find alternate ways of earning interest that were better shielded from inflation, and higher than traditional banking.

Offering Chileans a way to store their wealth in US dollars safeguards their savings against inflation and provides fantastic opportunities for diversification.
Pablo Acuña
CEO, Conomy


Conduit’s end-to-end development platform provided Conomy with a single API that could be used to embed USDC-enabled crypto wallets, an intuitive ledger for their app, and access to yield rewards based on tokenized US T-bills and DeFi protocols.

By providing a way for their users to save in USDC stablecoins pegged 1:1 with the US Dollar – and earn yield on their balance – Conomy can ensure that they are helping their users reach their savings  goals. 

USDC Wallets

Crypto wallets were natively added to the Conomy app, enabling users to hold stablecoins pegged to the US Dollar

DeFi & RWA Yield Rewards

Conomy users can earn crypto rewards on their balance, generated from tokenized US Treasury Bonds and DeFi protocols like Uniswap.

Built-in Ledger Functionality

Conduit’s all-in-one wallet infrastructure includes a built-in ledger to track transactions in the Conomy app.

Smooth Integration

Conomy and Conduit communicated with a private Slack channel, where Conduit devs and account managers were on-hand to help with the integration.

Embedding crypto wallets into the Conomy app allows us to offer users something more than just a better bank... It allows us to offer the future of money.
Pablo Acuña
CEO, Conomy