Conduit for Global Cashflow

Faster, cheaper cross-border transfers for your treasury

Streamline global money movement throughout your business.

A better way to manage money movement for your business

Conduit uses new technology to make managing global cash flow more efficient, ensuring seamless and fast cross-border transfers.

  • Efficiency: Streamline global cash flow with quick and reliable cross-border transfers.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce fees and optimize exchange rates to improve financial efficiency.
  • Transparency: Gain full visibility and control over your international transactions, ensuring accurate and predictable cash flow management.

Why choose Conduit as your
global cashflow solution?

Conduit enhances global cash flow management with efficient, cost-effective, and transparent cross-border transfers.

Lower your FX costs

Sending money cross-border with Conduit is up to 22% cheaper than traditional alternatives

Improve liquidity management

Instantly convert assets to local currencies when needed, and vice versa.

Expand your business

Use local fiat to reach companies in underserved markets or customers without access to traditional banking services.

Settle money movement faster

Sending cross-border transfers with Conduit can be as fast as *instant*.

What are the benefits of using Conduit
to improve your company’s global cashflow management?

Cross-border business-to-business (B2B) payments can be a complex and time-consuming process. There are various reasons why these types of payments are difficult, but some of the most common challenges include differences in currencies, regulations, banking systems, and payment methods. Read on to learn more about what makes cross-border B2B payments difficult and explore some potential solutions.

Reduced Transaction Costs

Lower transaction fees and forex conversion costs can have a direct and immediate impact on a company's bottom line, making it easier to manage cashflow efficiently.

Faster Settlements

Faster settlement times can improve cashflow by reducing the time it takes for payments to clear, allowing the company to access funds more quickly for operational needs.

Mitigation of Currency Risk

For companies exposed to currency exchange rate fluctuations, USD provides a way to reduce this risk, ensuring that the value of funds remains stable as they move across borders.

Global Accessibility

The ability to transact with partners, suppliers, and customers around the world 24/7 can open up new markets, revenue opportunities, and improve cashflow by expanding the customer base.

Frequently asked questions about Global Cashflow

What is global cash flow?

Global cash flow refers to the total cash inflows and outflows of a company from all its worldwide operations. It provides a comprehensive view of a company’s liquidity by including both domestic and international financial activities.

Why is managing global cash flow important for businesses?

Conduit streamlines the AP process by automating invoice management, approvals, and payments. This reduces manual errors, speeds up processing times, and provides real-time insights into payment statuses and cash flow.

How can businesses improve their global cash flow management?

Businesses can improve global cash flow management by centralizing cash management processes, using advanced forecasting tools, implementing cash pooling, and utilizing hedging strategies to manage currency risk. Regular monitoring and analysis of cash positions across different regions are also essential.

What solutions does Conduit offer for global cash flow management?

Conduit offers a comprehensive solution for managing global cash flow, including real-time visibility. Conduit’s dashboard also supports multiple currencies to streamline global cash management.

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