How Takenos uses Conduit to help freelancers and other cross-border workers access their income in digital dollars

Takenos is an Argentine startup that allows freelancers, creators and other cross-border workers charge for their services and access their income, wherever they are.

Takenos goal is to allow users to reach their work potential without being limited by their access to international financial services.

Additionally, Takenos allows companies to integrate the platform into their payroll workflow, to seamlessly pay their international contractors and freelancers.

Takenos x Conduit Highlights


With the goal of helping workers earn income without being limited to their country of residence, Takenos needs a fast, low-cost and modern solution for enabling cross-border payments and currency exchanges.


It is difficult for Latam-based freelancers working for US-based companies to receive and exchange their USD earnings, especially while trying to avoid lengthy transfer times and high fees.


Conduit’s crypt-to-fiat on ramps and integrated ledgering allowed Takenos to seamlessly integrate USD-backed digital dollars into their app, providing their users easy access to their USD earnings from abroad.

Takenos' Challenge

Latam-based workers freelancing for US companies have several barriers to getting paid for their services. The most popular methods, such as wire transfers, are slow and expensive.

Even more modern platforms that accept fiat currencies cross border, such as Payoneer, often do not support local currencies like Argentine Pesos, making it difficult for workers to access their earnings.

Takenos wants to provide a faster, easier and more cost-effective way for freelancers in Argentina and other Latam countries to access their earnings.

Freelancers should only be concerned with their work, not the many complications that come with charging abroad. Conduit helps us offer them an easy, dynamic and transparent experience.
Lucas Posada
CEO, Takenos


Conduit’s end-to-end development platform provided Takenos with a seamless on-ramp to digital dollars that freelancers could use to gain faster access to their earnings.

With the integration, US-based employers can simply pay freelancers through their existing ACH payment rails, with no added complexity. Conduit receives the transfers, transfers the USD into USDC digital dollars and delivers them to Takenos.

Takenos then sends the USDC to each freelancer’s account, where they can easily transfer, spend or withdraw the stablecoins to their local currency.

USD - USDC On Ramps

Using Conduit on-ramps, Takenos users can be paid by their employers in digital dollars, with no added complexity.

Built-in Ledgering

Conduit’s wallet infrastructure includes integrated ledgering to verify transactions between employers and Takenons users.

Multi-Stage Solution

Conduit provided a manual solution to ensure Takenos could launch and test product-market fit quickly, while they developed an API-driven integration for a later launch.

Smooth Integration

Conomy and Takenos communicated in a private Slack channel, where Conduit devs and account managers were on-hand to help with the integration

Launching quickly with a multi-stage development solution was pivotal for us. Conduit helped us get the product in the hands of users as soon as possible, so we could iterate and improve while developing our API integration.
Joaquín Herrera
COO, Takenos